The new 2014 fashion bags

When it comes to Burberry, michael kors jet set logo tote black many people will think of the classic light coffee plaid, but in the brand new dress the same rare classic grid, instead, michael kors medium jet set travel tote the tribal hand-painted color design and rich individual character design. The view with you brand new 2014 deserve to act the role of qiu dong series. Although less classical michael michael kors jet set crossbody elements, but the hand-painted design also can let a person very deep impression.

Handbag brand Coach recently michael kors jet set logo tote brown  released 2014 autumn/winter AD blockbusters, Coach, in addition to launch bag, also launch a runway fashion show. michael kors jet set logo This season's bag is also very practical, also with low-key black and white color, the color marca dragon and lovely fur adornment all let a person fondle admiringly.

Belt bag, just as its name implies, michael kors jet set logo travel tote with a clean concise knot of cortical thin Belt, throughout the entire package, is elegant appearance infuse a lively and interesting. Agile clamshell clipping, and knot adornment with perfect fit. Cover, built-in zip double michael kors jet set continental wallet clasp design add practicality and safety. Flip and handle use clever design, appearance no any metal parts, with high standard choice and processing technology of cortex, make the whole package body more light feel.

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